How to Throw a Great Halloween Party

How to Throw a Great Halloween Party

Throwing a Halloween party doesn't have to be a hassle! All it takes is a little creativity and you'll have your guests raving about your party until next year. With these tips, it'll be your friends that are screaming, not your wallet.

The key to a great Halloween party is simplicity. Leave the large, elaborate effects to the local haunted houses. Save a few bucks and stick with fun decorations that'll be sure to spook too. Your guests will want to run, not walk, to your front door when they see a crowd of mysterious, glowing eyes staring back at them as they walk through your lawn. To achieve this, simply take empty toilet paper rolls and cut two holes in each one, resembling different eyes ... think vampires and goblins or the Boogey Man! Once you are happy with how your eyes look, insert glow sticks inside the tubes. You can use a variety of colors or stick with a monochromatic look. How many you make is up to you! Lastly, just place the toilet paper tubes randomly throughout your yard or along a pathway. Once the sun goes down, your party-goers will be shaking in their costumes as they approach your party!

What is a Halloween party without some sweet snacks to munch on? Skip the trick and go straight to treat because this yummy snack is a snap! It only requires two ingredients ... pretzel sticks and miniature chocolate covered peanut butter cups. Simply take one pretzel stick and poke it into the middle of one peanut butter cup. Poof! You have just "crafted" up miniature Witch Brooms! Scary easy, right?

Choosing a Halloween costume can be intimidating. There are so many ideas to choose from but you want to be creative without emptying your bank account. Well, don't go crying in the cauldron yet because here's an idea that'll be sure to please. Maybe you like to the funny one at the party? Easy! Grab an old T-shirt and with a marker or a stencil and some paint, write the words "GO CEILING!" or "CEILING IS #1" on the front. Pair your shirt with a couple of colorful pom-poms and you'll have your guests cracking up at your costume as a "ceiling fan".

With these Halloween tips your friends will be frightened, fed, and fighting those happy tears as they laugh the night away at your "scary" easy Halloween party!