4 Easy Holiday DIYs

4 Easy Holiday DIYs

Instead of spending a lot of money getting holiday decorations that might not last that long, consider spending time with your family making holiday decorations. You probably have some of the supplies that you need in your home already. The only thing that you would need to do is set aside some time to make the projects.

Pallet Board Designs

If you have a few pallets, then you can create any kind of design that you want with paint of any color. Sand the pallet so that there aren't any splinters before you begin painting. If there are slats on the pallet, then you're going to need to draw a picture first so that you know what color and design to put on each slat. However, if the pallet is solid, then it's easier to just paint the design that you want. Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer and snow globes are among the most popular scenes painted on pallets. You can add a few special touches to your pictures, such as glitter or pom-poms that look like ornaments.


With a round piece of foam and a few materials, you can make a wreath of any color and design. Add a poinsettia to a red and white wreath for an elegant touch or a few candy canes for a sweet addition to the home. If you have somewhere to connect them, then string lights around the wreath that you make. You can make wreaths with fun designs for kids, such Santa or a snowman. Another idea would be to make something that's a bit more elegant by adding gold or silver to a white background. You can use anything from small flowers to ornaments. A fun idea is to string round ornaments in different colors so that you make a large circle. Add a few jingle bells for sound, or create a pattern using only a few colors to make the wreath.

Thumbprint Cards

Before buying cards to send to friends and family, make your own using your thumbs, some paint and cardstock. White or beige is the best color of cardstock to use so that the designs stand out. Press your thumb in the paint, and make a design with your thumb on the paper. You can make a reindeer family with each member getting involved, a Christmas tree or a string of light bulbs. The ideas are almost endless as long as you can make the image using your thumb.

Mason Jars

Another simple idea involves mason jars to make snow globes. Turn the jar upside down, and put a thick piece of cotton on the lid, which is now the bottom. Add white glitter. Glue the items in the design to the lid so that they stay in place when you shake the jar.