3 Tips to Removing Stains on Pool Walls

3 Tips to Removing Stains on Pool Walls

Swimming pool stains make pool cleaning jobs much harder, affecting the pool's overall cosmetic appearance. Most of the time, simple brushing or scrubbing won't do the trick. The first step to removing these stains is identification. Stains can result from metals, rust seeping through the wall or some organic material. However, the color of the stain will tell a whole lot about its type. Greenish-brown, earthy colored stains are almost always something organic, usually resulting from decaying leaves or other organic material. Reddish-brown stains, on the other hand, indicate rust or some type of metal stain. Copper will usually cause bright blue or green stains. Keep in mind that things like berries can result in a false test result for metal, due to the red color. This guide will cover on how to prevent two main pool stains, both metallic and organic, along with how to prevent them.

Organic Pool Stains

Organic pool stains are relatively easy to take care of, requiring a strong base and vigorous scrubbing. Granular chlorine can be directly applied to the stain and dampened into a paste. This strong alkaline solution will chemically break down the organic stain molecules, which can then be removed by sufficient scrubbing. Alternatively, one can use acids and enzymes to remove the organic stain. However, strong acids may result in a reverse stain, where the surrounding color is darker than the stain. Enzymes work pretty well.

Metallic Pool Stains

Once one is sure they have a metallic stain on their hands, they can proceed to start by introducing metal-removing products, such as Natural Chemistry's Metal Free, into their pool. As for the stain itself, there are many products on the market to remove metallic pool stains. Most of them are strong acids or bases. However, vitamin C, a mild acid, is extremely effective at removing these stains.


Sunset Pools & Spas, a company specialized in

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, says, “The best way to take care of pool stains, whether organic or metallic, is to prevent them in the first place.” For organic stain prevention, simple pool maintenance, such as straining out leaves and other pool debris, along with landscaping surrounding yard, could avoid stains all together. Metallic pool stains can be prevented by testing trace elements in the pool. If trace elements are found, add a pool metal remover. Applying these simple pool tips will make pool maintenance a whole lot easier, simpler and economical.